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Well, some interesting and odd links!  My sites usually get a lot of links in different disciplines, so after a while I'll
split various types to differing pages.  
My very good friend, Jack Bartley of my former band "So's Your Mom" has just published a book!  Funny and quite
readable, I think you'll like it... I sure did!   "
Public Ed" by Jack Bartley


USS Zuni (ATF95) / USCGC Tamaroa (WMEC166): a historic ship presently under restoration and needing hands, help, heart and

USS NICHOLAS:  story of her ship's bell!!  (Special interest to the USMC!)


Hesson-Clothiers  Supplying period costumes and uniforms/accessories for Civil War Naval re-enactors.  VERY nice stuff!


All things for the Wooden Boat enthusiast:  
Wooden Boat Magazine  and the  Wooden Boat Forum


The International Guild Of Knottyers  (IGKT) North American Branch....   Main Headquarters (England)

Knotheads World Wide -  a loose assemblage of lunatic knottyers

The Knottyer's Forum on Yahoo! Groups

Supplies, Books and Instruction videos:
 Marty COMBS  

More fine rope, small blind-cord, hemp, books and tools:  R&W Rope Warehouse in New Bedford, MA.

Extra-fine Professional knotwork; beckets and bellropes especially, supplies and tools:  Tim WHITTEN  

Matt Beaudoin carries on his Grandfather's tradition of fine ropework. Ask him about his Uncle Jim's jewelry, too!

The National Maritime Museum of England:
Sailor's Crafts pages.  Scroll down to find links to the various displays.

SHIP Models and other nautical stuff: theshipinabottle, Jim McCurdy's site.

Ship models:
 Sailing Models (ships in bottles, or lightbulbs, even!)

Free Irish Music (really!)  at  The Old Music Project   

Pat & Dick Wexelblat:  Tigerlilly Workshops


International "Talk Like A Pirate Day" website.  Damage to your psyche not covered.

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