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Last updated  2006-11-28
I encountered Mr. Jacobus on a Navy Community board about a year and a half ago and we've had some very animated discussions in
the ensuing time.  He is a retired Boatswain's Mate living in Florida who served on the
USS New Jersey (BB-62) and has been active in
her restoration as well as contributing many items to her museum.  It is a pleasure to present some of his most excellent work for your
Two very detailed knotboards Mr. Jacobus made for a restaurant. (Hope he gets free food forever!)
Two postcard views of the League Island Navy Yard, which became the US Naval Shipyard in Philadelphia.  
At a guess, I'd date the views to about 1905 or so.   League Island was where the shipyard was
built when it moved from the old Front Street location about 1870 or so.   
(left) Picture of BMC Mandrake holding the picture and frame to right.  Chief mandrake was a SN on the USS Helena
(CL-50) and a Pearl Harbor survivor aboard her.  Mr. Jacobus used the Pearl Harbor theme and did the frame in red,
white and blue.  (Creasing lines are from the photo he sent me.)

"The ship you see behind CPO Mandrake is the Carrier
Intrepid (CVS-11) long before it was towed to New York City.   I
rode it over there and had the honor of piping the Admiral and his staff aboard. In the driving rain.  We used Manila
hawsers to tie it up temporarily.   The longshoreman on the pier had no idea as how to do it.   CPO and I had to run from
one bollard to another.  Later on wire cables replaced the manila hawsers."
Made for a doctor's
Print of the USS New Jersey (BB-62), signed by the
artist,  Mr. C.G. Evers.
Currently in the USS New Jersey Museum.
These two knot/picture boards were done as a gift for a sailmaker friend.
Commissioned by a restaurant.
Made as a retirement gift for a CPO.
USS Thaddeus Parker,  DE369
Made this for a Coast Guard friend.
Made this one fora friend who owned a marina and
who converted this tug into his pleasure craft.
Made as a raffle prize.  The owner took it home
with him to England, but it now is part of the USS
New Jersey's museum exhibits.
Made this for a restaurant in Florida.
Ship is the USS Massachucetts (BB-2)
On display at the USS New Jersey's museum.
Made this for a retired Coast Guard officer.